Interview with Tara Sim [FBCYA Timekeeper Blog Tour]

Howdy y’all! A huge thank you to Tara Sim and Sky Pony Press for giving our book cub the honor to review her debut novel, Timekeeper, and to Bianca for making the club’s dreams and goals take its first step to realization.

I am downright ecstatic to have had the opportunity to interview Tara Sim about her feelings about the book, what inspires her and other stuff. Enjoy!


  • Let’s talk about casual things first. Timekeeper is your debut novel and it’s coming out on November 8th of this year.

How do you feel now that Timekeeper is finally published and is out for the rest of the world to read?

A mix of things, actually! Excited that it’s finally out in the world, nervous for people to read it, and relieved that I never have to revise it again (so many revisions…).

  • In Timekeeper, we get to read about two characters sharing an unconventional love story. 17-year old Danny Hart meets and falls in love with his apprentice whom he soon discovers is a mythical being- a mere clock spirit.

Did you find it difficult writing a love story like this?

I did find it difficult at first, because I’d never written a romance between a human and a non-human before. It took a while to figure out how it was going to work, and how both characters would react to one another as the story goes on. I largely focused on their personalities and how they played off of one another, forming a unique bond.

  • There are already lots of positive reviews from people who have received advanced copies of your book. (Which makes me even more excited to read it myself.)

What inspired you to write a steampunk book like this?

The idea surprised me, since I’d never written steampunk before. But when I got the original idea of the clock towers controlling time, I knew the gears and clockwork were a very steampunk aesthetic. When I decided that the setting would be Victorian London, the steampunk genre became an even more obvious direction to go in.

  • Were there any specific people you were picturing while you were thinking of the characters for Timekeeper?

Not particularly. I actually don’t like basing my characters on people I know in real life, although I do pick up certain habits and quirks from people I know and may sprinkle them across my cast from time to time. I actually tend to use other fictional characters as inspiration. So, for example, the character of Cassie was inspired by Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist and Kaylee from Firefly.

  •  If you were given a chance to travel back to 10 years ago, what would you say to your past self?

I would tell myself to keep doing what I was doing: writing as much as I can, reading as much as I can, and not giving up.



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[FBCYA] The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

Howdy y’all! Last April, our Fanboy Book Club Book of the Month was a book that I found to be refreshingly engrossing what with such an unusual concept and subject that most books usually don’t revolve around. It is:



The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater




This happened to be my first read from Maggie Stiefvater and also my first read about equestrian creatures. Simply put, it was about deadly horses and equally deadly horse racing of which did not fall short on giving us an epic and beautiful storyline.


To discuss it more in detail, however, the book is much more than horses and horse racing, as opposed to what the title may lead us to believe. I found that it goes much deeper than that: it’s about being connected with your roots, embracing it, and loving it. The two main characters, Sean Kendrick and Puck Connoly, perfectly exhibit this. Judging from what you may read in the book, there is nothing more that these two will love than being with their horses and staying in the island that has watched them grow, Thisby. I especially like how much they love the horses and the island so much that it’s almost impossible for a reader not to feel the same way. I may be speaking for myself – But then again, maybe not. 😉

Despite being a book the Fanboy Book Club has picked, I am thoroughly pleased having read some undertones of feminism in the text. It was shown in several scenes of which occur because the men competing in the Scorpio Races believe that the races are no place for a mere girl like Puck.

It was delineated very well in the story with Puck keeping her stand with letting her, girl, compete in the Scorpio Races despite practically everyone in the island telling her to quit and she showed that just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean her opportunities are limited. As I have always said, I feel quite frustrated with how society dictates that girls should only do girl things and boys should do boy things when both sexes are very much capable of doing anything if they set their mind to it.

In the book, these pestilent water horses are called capaille uisce. The very facts that they are bloodthirsty and deadly are what makes the locals afraid and tremble before them. But despite this, they still admire the capaille uisce for their beauty, speed, and strength. Corr, being one himself, embodies how things could be monstrous and beautiful at the same time; how you could still love something that has potential to lead you to your demise or utter happiness; how much you can love and connect with your roots, no matter how complex and daunting it may seem.

The race itself was swift and vivid. As I read it, visualizing the race wasn’t hard and it made it easier to immerse myself in the book. Although it didn’t last long as others have expected it to, I couldn’t think how it could have been executed more perfectly.

And let me just put it out here that I most especially appreciate that finally, we got to read a romance that did not ruin the book but even made it better. The blossoming affection between Sean and Puck was there but it didn’t go in the way of what the story wanting to push for. Most fantasy books tend to lean more on the romance and forget the action-filled aspect of the book. It did not happen here and it makes me so happy.

Overall, the story was well-paced and so beautifully written that by the end of the book you’ll want more capaille uisce, more Thisby, more ocean, more Scorpio Races. With all these said, I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars.





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