[Backlist Revival Project]: Just for the Record by Six de los Reyes // Book review

Howdy y’all! Today’s post features yet another book brought to us by the Backlist Revival Project. I’ve joined this project since January and the awesome people behind these are Carmel and Mina Esguerra. Our book of the month is packed with thoughtful metaphors, a walk toward an unconventional type of love and is perfect for a cold, rainy day. It is:


Just for the Record by Six de los Reyes


Just for the record, the heat can get to even the most calculated of minds.

Let it be stated that Rhys loves Ryan forever and ever. But certain needs are not being met, leaving her frustrated and asking for too much than the conservative and almost-rock star, Ryan, is willing to give. Uncooperative (or cooperative, depending on your point of view) weather provides her an opportunity to ask not what she can do for her friends, but what a friend can do for her.

Isaiah likes to say that the best thing about Rhys is that he can stand in her breathing space and feel nothing. Something of a breather when dancing with Lia short circuits his entire operating system. But all his beliefs are challenged when Rhys chances upon him in a steamy practice room in the middle of a heat wave.


Before anything else, let me just tell you how much I am in love with the cover of this book. *heart eyes* I honestly don’t know how long I stared at the cover before I actually started flipping the pages. Also, I think it speaks about the book in a way that the characters are represented by the splashes of colors: they may collide and may not be entirely the ordinary mix you see; they may seem messed up and strange together; but it works. Somehow it works.

Each chapter is named after natural conditions and phenomena such as Heavy Downpour, Isolated Thunderstorms, Sunshowers, and the like. These are what I think are the perfect kinds of metaphors you use to describe the ups and downs of a complicated social life (or life in general). Honestly, reading this wasn’t necessarily a walk in the park. I had a slow pace reading it in the beginning because I was wondering what was happening; what kind of situation our character was in. The complexity of the text, however, is one the primary reasons why I found this read to be such a beautiful one. Because the more you think about it, the heavier the meaning those words carry. It’s almost like a poetic narrative; the kind that will make you furrow your eyebrows together while reading, but make you find yourself wanting to love it, and eventually do.

An unconventional love story is what unfolds the more our characters collide. A tough girl on the outside but is broken on the inside crash lands on uncharted territory of a boy who closes off his feelings but is apparently ready to be there for her when he needs him. But there’s a catch. Both the boy and the girl have love interests of their own. They believe nothing is wrong since their relationship since it has no feelings attached — or does it?

For one of our main leads, Isaiah, it isn’t as complicated as people may think:

All she needed to do, was ask. Anytime, anywhere, he would be there for here. A special existence, just for her. A hero without being her true love.

But on the other end, we have Rhys saying

If I could hold back, then things wouldn’t be like this. Like…if I could just tell myself not to feel, or if I could just tell myself not to act on how I feel, then maybe it would be different.

Are they fighting a losing battle? Will the heart win in the end?

Just for the Record is one of the books that will capture your heart without you even knowing it. It urges you to see through its tangles and knots and unravel them and realize its deeper meaning.

Rating: 3.5 stars


Need more? Here is one more quote from Just for the Record:

Was it a deadly affliction that had befallen them both? To emotionally invest in people who manifested a completely different set of expressions of affection — or that is, who lacked the ability to even express them in the first place. Why was it that you never get the attention you want from the people you want it from?


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Thank you for reading! Til the next post X



Howdy y’all! Before anything else, I’m sorry for a poor blogging performance this month. I took a hiatus just after the first week of January because of a lot of things happening of which I’ll leave it at that.

Basically, January had no chill. My academic life was in one of its busiest times in a long while and I had difficulty balancing my reading time with the time I needed to dedicate on certain academic things. Now, on to bookish stuff:

January’s book tally is 6 books read! Not a bad start for the year considering I only read 4 books last January 2015.


My True Love Gave To Me by various authors

12 short stories compiled into one Christmas-y, light and happy read. That is how I would describe this book. It became my companion through my post-holiday hangover days, and a good one at that. Each of the 12 stories are feel good and are easy reads that you could fly through. I even take all the free time I could possibly get and read on because I didn’t want to stop. It was too good and I wanted to stay in that happy reading place. This book contains a lot of relatable and cutesy stories you’ll want to read.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

I don’t even know where to start with this one, but if I were to describe this is one phrase it would probably be that this has been an emotional roller coaster ride kind of read for me and I love it. I love this trilogy despite the different reviews and opinions there are about this. They say this is the kind of trilogy that’s either a hit or a miss. Although I would concede to the fact that Bardugo has quite a descriptive way of telling her stories, I didn’t have a problem with it nor did I feel bored whilst reading it. This is the last book in the trilogy and as much as I didn’t want it to be over, I had to read on. I cried a lot, I chuckled, I became more attached with the characters, I lost count on how many times I gasped, and so much more! Full review to come.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I buddy read this book with a bunch of other awesome people on twitter and it was a really fun experience and a great way to interact with other people you didn’t know before. This book had its ups and downs for me being that there were some parts of which I felt that it was kind of similar to some of the YA Fantasy novels I have read before and that it was already cliche. The romance didn’t work here for me but this didn’t bother me either since this isn’t a love story. Despite having several commonalities with many books out there, there were still a lot of distinctive traits I was happy to read about. I love the premise of how people are divided and classified and how betrayal became the vital part of how the plot went, and the like. Full review to come.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5


Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn

Going into this book, I wasn’t aware that this book was yet another Christmas-y one. The snow on the cover probably already suggests so but I somehow overlooked that and made presumptions of my own which turned out to be far from what you can read in this book. I thought that Lily and Dash were childhood friends who decided to give dares to each other like running across the street screaming “help!” or something, at an ordinary day. Incorrect presumptions aside, I enjoyed this book a lot. It delves more on friendship and love of which I find is suited just right for the main characters. This book could be enjoyed by all, so when in doubt, leave it to Dash and Lily to make your day better!

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


One Night At The Palace Hotel by Bianca Mori

I received a review copy of this book because I joined a blogging project called Backlist Revival Project which aims to promote novels and stories made by our fellow Filipinos. This genre is different from what I usually prefer to read, however I found myself eager to read this book and eventually enjoyed it in the end. It’s also a bit common for stories like this to come with predictability but I think ONATPH delves into topics that a lot of people could relate with especially with the premise of finding love, losing it, and finding it again in unconventional ways you never thought of. Full review here.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5


Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

Confession: I am actually still reading this but I decided to include this in this month’s wrap up since I have managed to read about 50% before the month ended. So far, I’m very intrigued of what will happen next and how certain people will transition back from how we came to know them from the first book. We also get to be introduced to new characters here of which some identities are gasp inducing, at least in my case. I’ll write a full review about this when I finish reading it.

My rating *so far*: 🌟🌟🌟


So that’s it for my January Wrap-Up. Here are books I plan to read this February:

  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling
  • Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson
  • Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
  • Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor



How about you? How was your January? What books do you plan to read this month? 🙂

Thanks for reading. Til the next post! x



Howdy ya’ll! Today we’re reviewing:




Let me start this review by saying that this book was SO MUCH FUN TO READ. As much as it’s obvious in my spazzes on my other accounts, I have been reading a lot of fantasy and action-packed books recently. So it was nice to read something as light and funny as this book, and I’m glad that this is my first contemporary book after so long.

The story’s about this one girl, Lara Jean, who writes letters to the boys she has loved before. Hence, the title. The letters she writes aren’t actually love love letters. They’re like goodbye love letters. When she has a crush on someone, only when her feelings would end would she write a letter to them. It’s kind of like a closure to her. But she doesn’t send them. Those letters are only for her.

Then one day she finds out all the letters were sent out to the last people she’d hoped would get to read them. So then the story starts.

You’d think that this book would be so cheesy and all. Actually, yes it is. But not in the annoying way. It makes you wanna turn page after page even more. It has quite a number of awkward scenes that will definitely make you laugh. It’s also a coming of age book so it makes it quite relatable.

I laughed a lot when I was reading this book. Funny thing is, 50% of when I was reading, I was reading it in public. But it didn’t stop me from having giggles and chuckles. No regrets, though. No regrets.

If you wanna be entertained and get that lovey dovey feeling again and spark that romantic side of you, go pick up this book and it will surely not disappoint! 🙂



Lara Jean Song Covey. One of the quirkiest characters I have ever read about. She is so fun, so creative and so innocent in a world where teenagers are very much into relationships, not to mention sexual activities. But no, not Lara Jean.

There are a total of five boys that she has written letters to: 1) Lucas ; 2) John Ambrose McClaren ; 3) Ken from camp ; 4) Peter Kavinsky ; and 5) Josh Sanderson.

Things that unfold after the letters were sent are so funny. There were a lot of awkward moments where Lara Jean was trapped in a hard-to-get-out-of situation and it was hilarious. I also love how the conversations went along in the book where a lot of light joking around and insults for fun were thrown. What’s funnier is, you realize you say those exact same words as well.

One of the boys she has written to, was actually gay. All the other people knew it, but Lara Jean. She just thought Lucas was just cleaner and more fashionable than the other guys. John moved to another house so she wasn’t exactly sure if he received it. Then Ken’s letter was sent back to Lara Jean without so much as a response.

Which leaves us with two boys: Peter Kavinsky and Josh Sanderson.

The problem is, Josh would have been perfect. If it wasn’t for Margot, her sister, being exes with him. So when Josh tries to confront Lara Jean about the letter, she quickly forms a plan when Peter walks by and she has this idea that Peter is her “boyfriend” so that Josh would know that her feelings for him are history, which isn’t entirely the case.

But the plan works and Peter adds a bargain. He just broke up with his girlfriend Genevieve, and he’d like to send a message for her that they are done for good. By pretending that Lara Jean is her girlfriend. Perfect, right? Wrong.

The girls that Peter date are primary target for public humiliation courtesy of Genevieve herself. She’ll spread nasty rumors that’ll make you want to run for the hills and leave Peter. This worries Lara Jean a lot but has no choice but to agree.

So they decided to pretend date to save face and also to prove a point to their exes (or ex-crush and ex-girlfriend, in this case).

I find it really cute how Peter would come to their house and help out with Lara Jean baking and whatever else she does. I also love how Peter cares for Kitty, Lara Jean’s little sister. Nobody can resist a man who loves children and is patient with them. I know you think the same. 😂 Then you’d think “Peter, are you still pretending? ‘Cause I feel it getting real. I feel it.”

One day, Lara Jean decides to end their little roleplay but Peter wanted them to continue until after the ski trip – a trip Lara Jean didn’t like to go to but was forced to because of Peter. Lara Jean’s uncomfortable being alone with Peter and his friends, especially with Genevieve coming, too, so she calls her friend Chris, (no, Chris is not a boy. She’s a girl) and convinces her to come along.

Problems start when Lara Jean and Chris sat next to each other because Peter wanted to sit beside Lara Jean because they were, in fact, still “dating”. Which is a cute gesture. He’s jealous. He’s jealous. He’s jealous. And Chris isn’t even a boy, he simply wants Lara Jean’s attention.

They had a fight here so I was nervous for the characters and I even wondered if it would be the end of their deal. But Lara Jean came to see Peter that night and it all ended with late night kisses and a quick dip in the hot tub. That’s what I call Kiss and Make up. 😉

I was really happy when they made up just because I really like them together. So cute and innocent and just having fun just as teenagers should do.

The book ended with Lara Jean writing to Peter a REAL LOVE LETTER. Not a letter for goodbyes or closure. But a REAL one. Because she realized that she did like Peter, after all. She writes “Dear Peter,” AND THEN THE BOOK ENDS.

MAJOR CLIFFHANGER, I KNOW. You’d wanna pick up the next book, P.S. I Still Love You, right after you finish the last page like I did! It was just THAT good.

Also, on another note, which I think this eventually becomes a minor detail in the book because of the turn of events in it, Kitty spilled the beans on who sent Lara Jean’s letters to those boys.

Well I’ll give you a clue. Her name starts with a K and ends with a -itty. 😁😁😁

I loved reading it, I loved reviewing it. I hope you enjoyed it, too. Thanks for reading! My next post will be up soon. Til then! Byeee xx

I loved reading it, I loved reviewing it. I hope you enjoyed it, too. Thanks for reading! My next post will be up soon! Byeeee xx


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