BOOK TALK: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Howdy y’all! I’m very pleased and excited of the book we’re reviewing today. I may not have been a victim of a cruel reading slump, it has been a while since I read a fantasy book I was this pumped up for. It’s none other than:


Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo



Ketterdam: a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price—and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can’t pull it off alone…

A convict with a thirst for revenge.

A sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager.

A runaway with a privileged past.

A spy known as the Wraith.

A Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums.

A thief with a gift for unlikely escapes.

Kaz’s crew are the only ones who might stand between the world and destruction—if they don’t kill each other first.


I honestly don’t even know where to begin with since so much happened and all of which were told and executed in epic proportions. I can already say this is one of my top books I’d get to read this year, which makes me even more excited for Crooked Kingdom coming out September this year.

It was so easy to get thrown into this world, especially having read the Grisha trilogy first. Plus the book has a map which is a-maaaaaaaaa-zing. (We all know how books with good maps already tell you the book is awesome.) The way the scenes were told were very vivid, one trait I have always liked of Bardugo’s writing. I suck at taking directions and understanding them, so being able to comprehend this book’s descriptions of the places says alot.

Bardugo takes this heist story to a whole new level. The writing is very clever and I absolutely loved how logic was practically seeping through the pages. It definitely is engaging in terms of it making you think and plot along with the characters – how will they execute this? What is the best strategy for them to pull this off?  Is the route their going to take the best one? I also found it gripping in a way that you would feel anxious for the characters when they were carrying out the heist, you’d feel nervous when a part of their plan seemingly fails, and you’d feel a surge of pride when it does come through. The twists and turns in this book are on point.

The characters are quite distinct from each other as well and I do appreciate the fact that Bardugo has incorporated their back stories as the story goes on – it makes you feel more connected with them and it feels as if you know them more. However, there was still this mysterious allure they had which isn’t bad at all. It actually works in their favor. It pulls you towards them even more.

And speaking of their back stories, despite all the struggles they went through– and are still going through, it doesn’t make you pity them but instead they become inspirations and epitomes of resilience. Although being “proper thieves” isn’t exactly a favorable way to rise against the odds, you get the idea. 😂😉

I admire all of the six leading characters in the book, but my favorite would have to be Inej. I look up to her because I admire how faithful and loyal she is. She risks her life everyday just to survive but she demands respect in her aura. She is deadly and you shouldn’t mess with her, no matter how young or innocent she might seem.

With all this said, I could say that I practically couldn’t put the book down and each chapter will make you want for more!


I give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Such an amazing read! 😍

If you haven’t read this yet, I will shamelessly urge you to, or at least put it in your TBR here. And if you have, especially if you posted about it, you can send me links in the comments below so I could read your thoughts, too ❤

Thank you for reading! Til the next post. X


BOOK TALK: One Night At The Palace Hotel by Bianca Mori

Howdy y’all! In my previous post I mentioned that I joined this awesome project called the Backlist Revival Project spearheaded by Carmel and Mina Esguerra. This project’s Book of the Month is what we’re reviewing today and it’s none other than:




Goodreads summary:

It’s the night before the Palace Hotel opens, and the entire city is abuzz with what everyone is calling a throwback to the Gilded Age. Everyone, that is, except Consuelo De la Red. Faced with a destiny picked out for her and a dream she just can’t forget, she confronts the choices she has made and the man she was forced to reject. When the past comes crashing into the present, will she listed to her duty, or give in to the urging of her heart?

What are my thoughts on the book?

Sexy, steamy scenes are no strangers in the world of contemporary romances. In many ways, this is what gives the book its extra umph and makes it more interesting.

This book definitely had this interesting feature and I found it this to be an easy read that you could easily fly through, provided you keep your mind open whilst reading. If you have a reading slump, this could probably get you out of it.

Over-all, I thought the book was okay. Not great, but not bad either. But despite this, once you’ve started this book it’ll make you curious enough to read more and find yourself actually wanting to.

I also found it kind of funny how they met over hotdogs. Not only did it make me hungry for hotdogs myself, but it also made me think about its deeper – or rather hidden – meaning in the book, also considering its genre. Well played, Mori. Well played. 😛

The plot of the story, which was finding true love, losing it, and finding it once again, is cliche to some, but I like it. I think it’s also relatable to many. I may or may not even say the same for myself… And for those who feel the same way as *me*, you’ll find it easier to connect and empathize with the main character, Consuelo.

This book also delved into a subject somewhat similar to forbidden love (which I am an absolute sucker for. I mean, who doesn’t like doomed love stories? okay, maybe its only me but still.) I found this an important part of the book that makes you anticipate what’s next.

The characters and the setting of the book wasn’t hard to visualize and as I said earlier, its an easy read and you could finish it in one sitting. Although what I felt was lacking, was the plot twist. Some scenes were predictable but I don’t think I wanted any other ending to it. Another thing I wish more was for it to have more pages so I could read more about the characters and feel attached to them.
I’d rate this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars . I liked reading this and I hope you will, too. See more of this on goodreads! (click here.)

Thanks for reading! Til the next post! x





Howdy ya’ll! Today we’re reviewing:


Title: Carry On

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



That’s what his roommate, Baz, says. And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git, but he’s probably right. Half the time, Simon can’t even make his wand work, and the other half, he sets something on fire. His mentor’s avoiding him, his girlfriend broke up with him, and there’s a magic-eating monster running around wearing Simon’s face. Baz would be having a field day with all this, if he were here – it’s their last year at the Watford School of Magicks, and Simon’s infuriating nemesis didn’t even bother to show up.


What are my initial thoughts of the book?

To say the least, I could say that this book is one of my top books I’ve read this year – for many reasons. I loved how this book took into light two unconventional characters – characters out of the stereotypical ones we’re all used to reading. As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of YA Fantasy books and stories so the book being about magic and spells and powers were just another reason for me to love the book even more.

Simon Snow is a funny and innocent character and a not-so-much of an expert when it comes to magic, but when he does harness it, he could become one of the most powerful mages in the world of magic. I found it so interesting whenever he would “off” himself because he has so much power in him he doesn’t even realize it. And of course, as any other protagonist may have, he has his very own arch nemesis, Baz.

Baz is my favorite character in the book, to be honest (and I already love all the characters in this book). He is a magician slash vampire and he’s snotty and witty and humorous and the so-composed-on-the-outside-but-freaking-out-inside type which I love. We also get to know more about him and his family in this book and why he is the way he is today. My heart just goes out to Baz – for everything that he’s been through and for how he faces them. I love him.

Other characters are easy to love in the book, personally. Penelope, Simon’s best friend is just so adventurous it’s infectious. And Agatha, Ebb, Lucy, EVERYONE.

The kind of world in this book is something of second nature to all of you sci-fi fans, or fans of Harry Potter and the like. I love how Rainbow integrates several pop culture references in this book and how she puts in on a different perspective. There are lot of phrases which are so common and mundane for all of us, then here comes Rainbow turning it around in the best way possible – through magic!

This book also features the different points of views of the characters which isn’t confusing at all, it actually makes the story even clearer and easier to understand. I found this world easy to jump into so I think for those of who you are yet to read this wouldn’t have a difficult time reading. 🙂


A few spoilery thoughts:

I really think I’m not alone on this one: SIMON AND BAZ SCENES ARE SO SO SO SO SO SO SO GOOD. (There aren’t enough so’s in the world to help me emphasize this.) In the first parts of the book, roughly the first hundred fifty, Baz is nowhere to be found. Simon goes crazy looking for him and thinking about where he’d run off to or what the snakes happened to him why he wasn’t attending school especially since it’s their last year in Watford. This, in turn, makes me even more curious to know where in the world Baz is.

Then we get to know he was kidnapped by bloody numpties and his aunt Fiona rescuing him and all. *phew* (Plus this is actually the reason I only kind-of hate Fiona.) And later on he mentioned being hopelessly in love with Simon since their fifth year and I was like

CANT EVEN happy cry

Then as we read on, Simon now realizes he kind of likes Baz, too. *DOUBLE HEARTS*

I don’t read LGBT books that much because honestly, some really don’t suit my taste as to how authors portray characters like these. But Rainbow Rowell did an amazing job on making this relationship in her story a gay one. I LOVE IT. It was really elaborated and substantiated for me and as a reader I was really satisfied and was left craving for more Simon-Baz moments.

The spells in this book use words that are common, after reading the book and reading the terms, I may or may not pronounce them as spells… *GUILTY*

Bottom line is this book is very easy to get lost in and also very easy to love, at least in my opinion. And I would highly recommend this to you ❤ Prepare to be blown off your seats, people.


If you liked this book and have other book recommendations for me feel free to share your thoughts with me on my Twitter and/or on my Goodreads . 😀




Howdy ya’ll! Today, we’re reviewing:




The Lost Hero, the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series, takes place a year after the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, following the same scheme of things, basically: Demigods are found, they go to Camp Half-blood, and they go on a quest and all sorts of crazy breaks loose. And of course, Rick Riordan never disappoints with his epic storytelling of adventures, not to mention giving you fits of laughter while you read page after page.

The story follows the stories and Jason, Piper, and Leo.

Jason doesn’t have a clue what’s happening when he mysteriously wakes up on a school bus boarding students from the Wilderness School. There he meets Piper, who appears to be his girlfriend, and Leo, his best friend. His friends tell him he must have had amnesia for not remembering them and acting so weird. Everything feels strange and unfamiliar to Jason.

Piper, on the other hand, seems to be hiding something from Jason and Piper. A dream that has been haunting her three nights ago – a dream she can’t confide anyone in. Right by the time she has those dreams, her father, a famous actor, disappears. In her dreams, she is being asked of a huge favor and she’s not happy about it.

Then we have Leo – the jokester of the three; the man who knows his way with tools. He believes nothing is unfixable and that’s exactly what he does. He’s very good with constructing and building things and has no problem getting his hands dirty with a little machine oil. There’s something to be bothering him over the years, though. Spirits? Ghosts? Lost souls?

Things start to go wrong when a storm hits them on their field trip and this is where things about who they really are and what they’ll come to face comes into play. It turns out there’s more than meets the eye when Mother Nature decides to unleash her powers on earth. This fiasco leads them right to Camp Half-Blood.

Here they go on a dangerous quest and get to know each other more and how their circumstances are more connected than what they have expected.

What are my over-all thoughts of the book? (spoiler free)

If there’s one thing I’m sure about, it’s that this book is epic and it’s hilarious. The adventures our characters go through and the monsters they go up against are epic. It actually makes me regret I wasn’t into Greek mythology as I am now because of Rick’s books. But even if you weren’t you’d learn so much about the different myths as you read further.

Rick’s way of incorporating these gods, both minor and major, in the book are shown in a fun and interesting way. Despite the gods and goddesses’ downfalls, you’ll eventually find yourself laughing and utterly amused of this creative storytelling – I know I was.

This book is different from the previous series because Roman gods and goddesses are now taken into light. I won’t say much so as not to spoil any of you, but in this book, we’ll get to know deeper about the Greek gods and goddesses and their Roman counterparts and also how they differ from each other, but are still similarly alike – if that makes sense (which it will once you read the book).

And being this is the first book, you have to expect a major cliffhanger. And yes, it makes you wanna pick up the next book, Son of Neptune, immediately and delve yourself in their world once more. I’d recommend this book to those of you who’d like a good laugh and adventures in books. And also, regardless if you like Greek Mythology or not, you’re gonna love it.



My honest opinion is that I like this book very much, but I love Lightning Thief better. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve read it first and I’m more acquainted to the books in the previous series? But of course, I’ll expect to have my socks blown off as I read further into the series. I know I’ll be reading even more epic and funny adventures especially since I’ve heard so many reviews and comments from different people saying that Heroes of Olympus is better. We’ll just have to see J

Firstly, I thought it was awesome to see Leo claimed by Hephaestus and Piper claimed by Aphrodite. I wasn’t surprised with Leo since he knew a way with tools, neither with Jason who was claimed by Zeus, but Piper? Piper’s mom was a shocker. But it works, I guess. She’s tried so hard not to be pretty but turns out she is. Very pretty, actually.

Looking back on the scenes and highlights in the book, I’d say Leo Valdez is my favorite character. He’s really funny and nice and has a soft side to him, his vulnerable side. I kept on saying “no” to him (well, technically to the book) every time he says things in the likes of “Leo knew when he wasn’t wanted” and stuff like that. It made me want to reach into the book and give him a hug and tell him he’s not alone. It also kind of makes him more relatable because I think we all have that side to us that’s afraid of being alone and feel like the third wheel with others. But the great thing about him is, he just brushes it off and he just makes hilarious jokes (especially when he’s teasing Coach Hedge or Butch, Iris’ son). One highlight of the book that made me laugh the hardest was when in one of their battle scenes, Leo tries to summon fire and he was like “I can’t summon anymore gas.” Then he thinks “Wow that came out wrong.”

*cue me chuckling for about an hour or so. Thank you, Rick.*


The first time we meet Annabeth after their encounter with the storm spirits, I was so happy since she was my favorite character in the PJO series. But my heart sunk when I read that Percy was missing.


About Leo’s, Piper’s and Jason’s dreams though, or should I call them nightmares? Was it only me who thought Hera is creepy as fudge. When Leo described her wearing a widow’s dress and a black shawl, I swear I imagined a black lady. It scared the bejeebers out of me. Plus the fact that she was Leo’s former baby sitter WHO TRIED TO KILL HIM? Yeah, I thought, definitely a black lady. Yeah, yeah, I know she’s a goddess but I can’t stop thinking about her as a black lady.

While we’re on this subject, during the first pages where we learn Leo’s mom died, I had a feeling it was because of him. It turns out I was right – on the literal sense. But technically, it was Hera the black lady’s fault.

Jason, on the other hand, discovers that Thalia is his brother when he sees a picture of her back in Cabin One, Zeus’s cabin. And family don’t fall short for the Leo and Piper either. Leo misses his mom and Piper has daddy issues.

On their quest: I was so happy that Leo got to fix the dragon and name him Festus. It really took a great role in their quest. They got to meet king Midas, Medea, and Enceladus (which still reminds me of Enchiladas) and most importantly, Jason got reunited with Thalia.

They were in this cave being circled by a pack of wolves, led by Lycaon, and it really seemed like they were fighting a losing battle until the very first silver arrow was shot, I literally was like HECK YES ARTEMIS’S HUNTERS. I LOVE THEM.

The last place of their quest was in Mount Diablo or the Devil Mountain and I was really nervous when Piper and Leo were still trying to break Hera free from the cage and Jason battled Enceladus by himself. I was on the edge of my seat til finally, finally, Hera was out and she shone like there was no tomorrow and obliterated the enemies and left the giant running. It was an unsettled fine, but it would be enough.

When they return from their quest to the camp, Percy is still missing. Annabeth and Jason finally put the pieces together and concluded that Percy and Jason got were in each other’s places. Jason Grace is the son of the Roman god, Jupiter, that was why he had the roman tattoo on his arm. If Jason, son of Rome, had woken up to be on the Greek gods and goddesses’ land, Percy woke up on the Roman’s. Greek and Romans hate each other.


Theories for next book:

I think we’ll get to read some points in Percy’s view, how we handled being under Roman demigod laws or whatever you call them. And I think part of the seven will be found (I don’t think they’ll all be found at once in the next book alone). I have a feeling that Nico, son of Hades, would be one of the seven in the prophecy and also Jason’s friend, Reyna, since I felt a ring to her name when she was mentioned in the book. Of course, I’ll expect more monsters, more dangerous ones at that and an unsettled Olympus, perhaps? The war between the Olympians and Gaea isn’t over just yet.


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Howdy ya’ll! Today we’re reviewing:




Let me start this review by saying that this book was SO MUCH FUN TO READ. As much as it’s obvious in my spazzes on my other accounts, I have been reading a lot of fantasy and action-packed books recently. So it was nice to read something as light and funny as this book, and I’m glad that this is my first contemporary book after so long.

The story’s about this one girl, Lara Jean, who writes letters to the boys she has loved before. Hence, the title. The letters she writes aren’t actually love love letters. They’re like goodbye love letters. When she has a crush on someone, only when her feelings would end would she write a letter to them. It’s kind of like a closure to her. But she doesn’t send them. Those letters are only for her.

Then one day she finds out all the letters were sent out to the last people she’d hoped would get to read them. So then the story starts.

You’d think that this book would be so cheesy and all. Actually, yes it is. But not in the annoying way. It makes you wanna turn page after page even more. It has quite a number of awkward scenes that will definitely make you laugh. It’s also a coming of age book so it makes it quite relatable.

I laughed a lot when I was reading this book. Funny thing is, 50% of when I was reading, I was reading it in public. But it didn’t stop me from having giggles and chuckles. No regrets, though. No regrets.

If you wanna be entertained and get that lovey dovey feeling again and spark that romantic side of you, go pick up this book and it will surely not disappoint! 🙂



Lara Jean Song Covey. One of the quirkiest characters I have ever read about. She is so fun, so creative and so innocent in a world where teenagers are very much into relationships, not to mention sexual activities. But no, not Lara Jean.

There are a total of five boys that she has written letters to: 1) Lucas ; 2) John Ambrose McClaren ; 3) Ken from camp ; 4) Peter Kavinsky ; and 5) Josh Sanderson.

Things that unfold after the letters were sent are so funny. There were a lot of awkward moments where Lara Jean was trapped in a hard-to-get-out-of situation and it was hilarious. I also love how the conversations went along in the book where a lot of light joking around and insults for fun were thrown. What’s funnier is, you realize you say those exact same words as well.

One of the boys she has written to, was actually gay. All the other people knew it, but Lara Jean. She just thought Lucas was just cleaner and more fashionable than the other guys. John moved to another house so she wasn’t exactly sure if he received it. Then Ken’s letter was sent back to Lara Jean without so much as a response.

Which leaves us with two boys: Peter Kavinsky and Josh Sanderson.

The problem is, Josh would have been perfect. If it wasn’t for Margot, her sister, being exes with him. So when Josh tries to confront Lara Jean about the letter, she quickly forms a plan when Peter walks by and she has this idea that Peter is her “boyfriend” so that Josh would know that her feelings for him are history, which isn’t entirely the case.

But the plan works and Peter adds a bargain. He just broke up with his girlfriend Genevieve, and he’d like to send a message for her that they are done for good. By pretending that Lara Jean is her girlfriend. Perfect, right? Wrong.

The girls that Peter date are primary target for public humiliation courtesy of Genevieve herself. She’ll spread nasty rumors that’ll make you want to run for the hills and leave Peter. This worries Lara Jean a lot but has no choice but to agree.

So they decided to pretend date to save face and also to prove a point to their exes (or ex-crush and ex-girlfriend, in this case).

I find it really cute how Peter would come to their house and help out with Lara Jean baking and whatever else she does. I also love how Peter cares for Kitty, Lara Jean’s little sister. Nobody can resist a man who loves children and is patient with them. I know you think the same. 😂 Then you’d think “Peter, are you still pretending? ‘Cause I feel it getting real. I feel it.”

One day, Lara Jean decides to end their little roleplay but Peter wanted them to continue until after the ski trip – a trip Lara Jean didn’t like to go to but was forced to because of Peter. Lara Jean’s uncomfortable being alone with Peter and his friends, especially with Genevieve coming, too, so she calls her friend Chris, (no, Chris is not a boy. She’s a girl) and convinces her to come along.

Problems start when Lara Jean and Chris sat next to each other because Peter wanted to sit beside Lara Jean because they were, in fact, still “dating”. Which is a cute gesture. He’s jealous. He’s jealous. He’s jealous. And Chris isn’t even a boy, he simply wants Lara Jean’s attention.

They had a fight here so I was nervous for the characters and I even wondered if it would be the end of their deal. But Lara Jean came to see Peter that night and it all ended with late night kisses and a quick dip in the hot tub. That’s what I call Kiss and Make up. 😉

I was really happy when they made up just because I really like them together. So cute and innocent and just having fun just as teenagers should do.

The book ended with Lara Jean writing to Peter a REAL LOVE LETTER. Not a letter for goodbyes or closure. But a REAL one. Because she realized that she did like Peter, after all. She writes “Dear Peter,” AND THEN THE BOOK ENDS.

MAJOR CLIFFHANGER, I KNOW. You’d wanna pick up the next book, P.S. I Still Love You, right after you finish the last page like I did! It was just THAT good.

Also, on another note, which I think this eventually becomes a minor detail in the book because of the turn of events in it, Kitty spilled the beans on who sent Lara Jean’s letters to those boys.

Well I’ll give you a clue. Her name starts with a K and ends with a -itty. 😁😁😁

I loved reading it, I loved reviewing it. I hope you enjoyed it, too. Thanks for reading! My next post will be up soon. Til then! Byeee xx

I loved reading it, I loved reviewing it. I hope you enjoyed it, too. Thanks for reading! My next post will be up soon! Byeeee xx


Also, feel free to share your thoughts with me in my other accounts: