Howdy ya’ll! I received a digital copy of the book Melophobia by James Morris in exchange for an honest review. So, today we’re reviewing:


Title: Melophobia

Author: James Morris

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


Goodreads summary:

The time – now; the place – America, but in a world where the government controls all forms of art and creativity, any music sowing the seeds of anarchy is banned – destroyed if found – its creators and listeners harshly punished.

Merrin Pierce works as an undercover Patrol officer assigned to apprehend a fugitive musician who threatens the safe fabric of society, only to confront everything she thought to be true – her values, upbringing, job, and future.

Can love survive in a world without music?


What are my over-all thoughts of the book?

To be honest, the book exceeded my expectations. I found myself wanting to read it all day every day, wanting to get to the bottom of things and just making ways and excuses to be able to read it. When I wasn’t reading it, I thought of reading it – I thought of the kind of world the book had.

With this being said, the premise of the book is in Los Angeles – only that it was parallel to the Los Angeles we all know: people wore conservative outfits, the community is quiet and forms of literature, dance, art and other creative artworks are forbidden. Among all these, there is one thing that is prohibited the most: Music.

I found this such a creative concept for the author to think of. Music is such a huge part in all of our lives, too huge we take it for granted. This book made me realize how music is in fact one of the best things we could have (or hear) and life would turn into a constant, boring blob without it. If I think about it, it becomes a scary world –if music, in all of its wonderful forms – would be banned.

Merrin Pierce is an undercover Patrol officer who swore to rid their community with music – the very thing that corrupted her family, the thing that they believe would spark unwanted and unnecessary rebellion and misbehavior. When I was reading her thoughts about how she viewed music and how she was determined to eradicate it, I found it rational given her circumstances. But for the rest of the community, they were taught that music is bad. And all I could say was how could they live with that? Seeing as they never heard music before, they didn’t know what they were missing.

Merrin is then sent to do a big undercover mission to discover the source of the music and finds herself in situations beyond her imaginations. Situations that could make her disbelieve what has been her steadying rock throughout her life. I could somehow connect myself easily with Merrin and hopefully future readers would feel the same way. I found the conflicts she faces, the thoughts she has, are almost as similar as mine which was so good to read because I felt I was in her shoes the whole time I was reading.

The romance in this book is as scandalous and as wonderful as it could get. (Not in the dirty way, you guys!) Merrin’s basically caught up in a really complicated love triangle that makes her decide between her principles in which she stood by all her life and the opportunities a new and free kind of life could offer her.

The story also made me question many things in our culture which were implied in the subtexts of the book: Does music really encourage unwanted rebellion and misbehavior with their lyrics patronizing the use of drugs and alcohol and having sex? Would the world possibly be more peaceful if not for punk, metal, and rock n roll music people love? How does music affect our lives? Could we eventually lived in a world without it like the people in Merrin’s world? Could we literally DIE without music? So many more questions float in my head, so much curiousity brought up by this amazing book which I would love to discuss with you all. Go read the book – it’s available at Amazon! Riiiiiight here. 🙂

The book has many twists and turns that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat wanting for more – because I know I did! I loved every single page, every chapter of this reading experience and I’m very much thankful for Mr. James Morris for letting me review his amazing book!


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Howdy ya’ll! I figured I should make a special segment where I talk about other things I appreciate outside the pages of a book. (Although technically this post is still connected with it).

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Howdy, ya’ll! I am so excited to finally having a wordpress! I have been interacting with a number of book bloggers now and most of them have suggested this site for me to try on and start my book blog. Now I can post my book reviews, book recommendations and all things bookish.

I’ll have to work extra hard to gather my wits together to give you reviews which won’t be hard to understand, considering how my mind can be frazzled easily as I spazz with books.

More than that, I’m excited to get to interact with other book bloggers like me 🙂

If there are things to know about me, it would be this: I love reading about books, I love talking about books with other people who also love books, I’m a college student so I’m trying to squeeze more reading time to the already hectic schedule I have. (Book problems, I know.)


I am open to reading any genre and open to all your comments and suggestions (so long as they are not offensive) and would love to get feedback from you.

This is my first time book blogging so I’ll try my hardest to write and review the best way I can. 🙂

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