Struggles of a College Booknerd

Howdy y’all! It’s been a while since I posted and I’m more than happy to be back to blogging again! A few weeks ago, I asked the twitterverse what kind of post I shall write next and here’s how it went:


Disclaimer: I based the list on my personal experiences so the following may or may not be true to all. Also, I refuse to think of the word “nerd” as a negative characteristic, especially if it’s associated with books.

So without further ado, here are the struggles of a college book nerd.


  1. Homework VS Empire of Storms

It’s no foreign concept that homework in college piles up like snow in December. So college book nerds always get stuck with deciding what to do first: answering loads of questions from subjects which may or may not be relevant to the major you’re taking or reading more chapters of a glorious book that has recently  been released. (This is also my current situation with Crooked Kingdom.)

This may also be true for any kind of student, not just those in college. So for all those confined in the four corners of a room under the rules of a professor, the struggle couldn’t be any realer.


2. Book Hangovers (Stages of grief)

One of the hardest things book nerds face in general are those cursed book hangovers. Pair that up with exams and deadlines coming up just a day or days after you finished a heart-squishing, tear-jerking book, makes the perfect recipe for a highly unfocused student.

Experiencing this first hand is no easy thing. After reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, I couldn’t read my notes straight without Will Traynor’s face walking in circles around my mind, hence a less productive me.

Sam Hewa and I joked around a few months back about the five stages of grief. I’ll be posting those throughout this week and the next.


3. Money, money, money

I don’t know if this is only me, but balancing money for everyday transport expenses, meals and snacks, and for books, prove to be quite a feat. Initially, I try to save 30%-40% of my weekly allowance, put it aside and save it for future use. By Monday, everything’s still handy dandy, but as the days progress, the temptation of buying more and more food is hard to resist and is therefore where most of my money goes.

Unfortunately, a full tummy would mean a hungry wallet. This would result with me not being able to buy books on a weekly basis as I would have wanted to.

If I only had enough money to buy all the books, I definitely would.


4. Bookstore Deprivation

With a fully loaded timetable and a mall that’s 15 minutes away from your university, not being able to visit the bookstore hurts. A lot. The single, most perfect de-stressor you have and it’s still out of reach.

You see, certain subjects demand as much possible time you could offer to it. Older college students doing their theses and thesis defenses, as well as corporate business plans, may agree with me on this one. That being said, all the time you could have allotted to making trips and visiting the bookstore is shifted to it being spent on researches, studying and other academic requirements. You’re forced to put it off until the next weekend, then next weekend gets cancelled because you’re still busy, then you reschedule it next weekend, and so on.

Oh well. Better luck next weekend.


5. Socializing

Those lucky enough who are able to squeeze in reading book after book despite a hectic college schedule experience two sides of this situation. On one side, they are the hardest to spoil (because they’ll already know what happens in the end) and they breeze by their Goodreads reading challenge like it’s a piece of cake, an therefore live a happy, less-stressful reader life.

The other side of it, is the conscious choice of reading a book in silence rather than partying or going out with friends. I honestly wouldn’t blame anybody for this since I myself would make the same decision. However one can’t deny that spending more time with books instead of people make socializing not as easy as reading an NYT bestseller.


What are the struggles YOU face as a book nerd? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it! 🙂

Thanks for reading! See you on the next post X


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