BOOK TALK: One Night At The Palace Hotel by Bianca Mori

Howdy y’all! In my previous post I mentioned that I joined this awesome project called the Backlist Revival Project spearheaded by Carmel and Mina Esguerra. This project’s Book of the Month is what we’re reviewing today and it’s none other than:




Goodreads summary:

It’s the night before the Palace Hotel opens, and the entire city is abuzz with what everyone is calling a throwback to the Gilded Age. Everyone, that is, except Consuelo De la Red. Faced with a destiny picked out for her and a dream she just can’t forget, she confronts the choices she has made and the man she was forced to reject. When the past comes crashing into the present, will she listed to her duty, or give in to the urging of her heart?

What are my thoughts on the book?

Sexy, steamy scenes are no strangers in the world of contemporary romances. In many ways, this is what gives the book its extra umph and makes it more interesting.

This book definitely had this interesting feature and I found it this to be an easy read that you could easily fly through, provided you keep your mind open whilst reading. If you have a reading slump, this could probably get you out of it.

Over-all, I thought the book was okay. Not great, but not bad either. But despite this, once you’ve started this book it’ll make you curious enough to read more and find yourself actually wanting to.

I also found it kind of funny how they met over hotdogs. Not only did it make me hungry for hotdogs myself, but it also made me think about its deeper – or rather hidden – meaning in the book, also considering its genre. Well played, Mori. Well played. 😛

The plot of the story, which was finding true love, losing it, and finding it once again, is cliche to some, but I like it. I think it’s also relatable to many. I may or may not even say the same for myself… And for those who feel the same way as *me*, you’ll find it easier to connect and empathize with the main character, Consuelo.

This book also delved into a subject somewhat similar to forbidden love (which I am an absolute sucker for. I mean, who doesn’t like doomed love stories? okay, maybe its only me but still.) I found this an important part of the book that makes you anticipate what’s next.

The characters and the setting of the book wasn’t hard to visualize and as I said earlier, its an easy read and you could finish it in one sitting. Although what I felt was lacking, was the plot twist. Some scenes were predictable but I don’t think I wanted any other ending to it. Another thing I wish more was for it to have more pages so I could read more about the characters and feel attached to them.
I’d rate this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars . I liked reading this and I hope you will, too. See more of this on goodreads! (click here.)

Thanks for reading! Til the next post! x




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