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The Lost Hero, the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series, takes place a year after the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, following the same scheme of things, basically: Demigods are found, they go to Camp Half-blood, and they go on a quest and all sorts of crazy breaks loose. And of course, Rick Riordan never disappoints with his epic storytelling of adventures, not to mention giving you fits of laughter while you read page after page.

The story follows the stories and Jason, Piper, and Leo.

Jason doesn’t have a clue what’s happening when he mysteriously wakes up on a school bus boarding students from the Wilderness School. There he meets Piper, who appears to be his girlfriend, and Leo, his best friend. His friends tell him he must have had amnesia for not remembering them and acting so weird. Everything feels strange and unfamiliar to Jason.

Piper, on the other hand, seems to be hiding something from Jason and Piper. A dream that has been haunting her three nights ago – a dream she can’t confide anyone in. Right by the time she has those dreams, her father, a famous actor, disappears. In her dreams, she is being asked of a huge favor and she’s not happy about it.

Then we have Leo – the jokester of the three; the man who knows his way with tools. He believes nothing is unfixable and that’s exactly what he does. He’s very good with constructing and building things and has no problem getting his hands dirty with a little machine oil. There’s something to be bothering him over the years, though. Spirits? Ghosts? Lost souls?

Things start to go wrong when a storm hits them on their field trip and this is where things about who they really are and what they’ll come to face comes into play. It turns out there’s more than meets the eye when Mother Nature decides to unleash her powers on earth. This fiasco leads them right to Camp Half-Blood.

Here they go on a dangerous quest and get to know each other more and how their circumstances are more connected than what they have expected.

What are my over-all thoughts of the book? (spoiler free)

If there’s one thing I’m sure about, it’s that this book is epic and it’s hilarious. The adventures our characters go through and the monsters they go up against are epic. It actually makes me regret I wasn’t into Greek mythology as I am now because of Rick’s books. But even if you weren’t you’d learn so much about the different myths as you read further.

Rick’s way of incorporating these gods, both minor and major, in the book are shown in a fun and interesting way. Despite the gods and goddesses’ downfalls, you’ll eventually find yourself laughing and utterly amused of this creative storytelling – I know I was.

This book is different from the previous series because Roman gods and goddesses are now taken into light. I won’t say much so as not to spoil any of you, but in this book, we’ll get to know deeper about the Greek gods and goddesses and their Roman counterparts and also how they differ from each other, but are still similarly alike – if that makes sense (which it will once you read the book).

And being this is the first book, you have to expect a major cliffhanger. And yes, it makes you wanna pick up the next book, Son of Neptune, immediately and delve yourself in their world once more. I’d recommend this book to those of you who’d like a good laugh and adventures in books. And also, regardless if you like Greek Mythology or not, you’re gonna love it.



My honest opinion is that I like this book very much, but I love Lightning Thief better. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve read it first and I’m more acquainted to the books in the previous series? But of course, I’ll expect to have my socks blown off as I read further into the series. I know I’ll be reading even more epic and funny adventures especially since I’ve heard so many reviews and comments from different people saying that Heroes of Olympus is better. We’ll just have to see J

Firstly, I thought it was awesome to see Leo claimed by Hephaestus and Piper claimed by Aphrodite. I wasn’t surprised with Leo since he knew a way with tools, neither with Jason who was claimed by Zeus, but Piper? Piper’s mom was a shocker. But it works, I guess. She’s tried so hard not to be pretty but turns out she is. Very pretty, actually.

Looking back on the scenes and highlights in the book, I’d say Leo Valdez is my favorite character. He’s really funny and nice and has a soft side to him, his vulnerable side. I kept on saying “no” to him (well, technically to the book) every time he says things in the likes of “Leo knew when he wasn’t wanted” and stuff like that. It made me want to reach into the book and give him a hug and tell him he’s not alone. It also kind of makes him more relatable because I think we all have that side to us that’s afraid of being alone and feel like the third wheel with others. But the great thing about him is, he just brushes it off and he just makes hilarious jokes (especially when he’s teasing Coach Hedge or Butch, Iris’ son). One highlight of the book that made me laugh the hardest was when in one of their battle scenes, Leo tries to summon fire and he was like “I can’t summon anymore gas.” Then he thinks “Wow that came out wrong.”

*cue me chuckling for about an hour or so. Thank you, Rick.*


The first time we meet Annabeth after their encounter with the storm spirits, I was so happy since she was my favorite character in the PJO series. But my heart sunk when I read that Percy was missing.


About Leo’s, Piper’s and Jason’s dreams though, or should I call them nightmares? Was it only me who thought Hera is creepy as fudge. When Leo described her wearing a widow’s dress and a black shawl, I swear I imagined a black lady. It scared the bejeebers out of me. Plus the fact that she was Leo’s former baby sitter WHO TRIED TO KILL HIM? Yeah, I thought, definitely a black lady. Yeah, yeah, I know she’s a goddess but I can’t stop thinking about her as a black lady.

While we’re on this subject, during the first pages where we learn Leo’s mom died, I had a feeling it was because of him. It turns out I was right – on the literal sense. But technically, it was Hera the black lady’s fault.

Jason, on the other hand, discovers that Thalia is his brother when he sees a picture of her back in Cabin One, Zeus’s cabin. And family don’t fall short for the Leo and Piper either. Leo misses his mom and Piper has daddy issues.

On their quest: I was so happy that Leo got to fix the dragon and name him Festus. It really took a great role in their quest. They got to meet king Midas, Medea, and Enceladus (which still reminds me of Enchiladas) and most importantly, Jason got reunited with Thalia.

They were in this cave being circled by a pack of wolves, led by Lycaon, and it really seemed like they were fighting a losing battle until the very first silver arrow was shot, I literally was like HECK YES ARTEMIS’S HUNTERS. I LOVE THEM.

The last place of their quest was in Mount Diablo or the Devil Mountain and I was really nervous when Piper and Leo were still trying to break Hera free from the cage and Jason battled Enceladus by himself. I was on the edge of my seat til finally, finally, Hera was out and she shone like there was no tomorrow and obliterated the enemies and left the giant running. It was an unsettled fine, but it would be enough.

When they return from their quest to the camp, Percy is still missing. Annabeth and Jason finally put the pieces together and concluded that Percy and Jason got were in each other’s places. Jason Grace is the son of the Roman god, Jupiter, that was why he had the roman tattoo on his arm. If Jason, son of Rome, had woken up to be on the Greek gods and goddesses’ land, Percy woke up on the Roman’s. Greek and Romans hate each other.


Theories for next book:

I think we’ll get to read some points in Percy’s view, how we handled being under Roman demigod laws or whatever you call them. And I think part of the seven will be found (I don’t think they’ll all be found at once in the next book alone). I have a feeling that Nico, son of Hades, would be one of the seven in the prophecy and also Jason’s friend, Reyna, since I felt a ring to her name when she was mentioned in the book. Of course, I’ll expect more monsters, more dangerous ones at that and an unsettled Olympus, perhaps? The war between the Olympians and Gaea isn’t over just yet.


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