Howdy ya’ll! So you might as well have heard of the Throne of Glass series. (These days, who hasn’t?) It’s a six-book series plus one novella. Currently, there are four books out namely Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows.

The novella is entitled Assassin’s Blade which contains five stories compiled into one book and it is what I am going to review for today.

P.S. If you haven’t read the series yet, I SUGGEST YOU DO BECAUSE IT IS BEYOND AMAZEBALLS.




Basically, my over-all reaction in reading Assassin’s Blade was that it was as good as all the other books in the series!!! IT WAS PERFECT. Well, okay, let’s face it. I think all the books in the series are the best.

I read this after I read Queen of Shadows so I regretted not reading it before Throne of Glass because Assassin’s Blade made me understand things from Celaena’s perspective. Plus there are so many references of Assassin’s Blade in QoS, (just a heads up.) I finally understood where and how all the anger, rage and lethal skills combined made Celaena who she is today.

I loved the book. I loved how I got to know all the characters well and how the storyline was plotted a whole- it was genius.




It all began with the Assassin and the Pirate Lord. Here is where we first meet Arobynn Hamel, Celaena Sardothien, and Sam Cortland as loyal members of the Guild at the Assassin’s Keep. Arobynn is called the King of Assassins and is the head of the Keep, who is also responsible for sending his trained assassins into deadly missions that he’d make profit of later on.

So Celaena and Sam went on the mission of negotiating with the Pirate Lord together. Upon their mission, they found out that the Pirate Lord and Arobynn’s deal was basically making money out of slaves. Apparently, Celaena didn’t do well with the idea of enslavement- she hated it. And so did Sam.

That was when we get to see how Celaena’s heart is soft just as she is lethal. So she devises a plan to free the slaves before the trade agreement could start- which would mean endangering her and Sam’s lives to the extent of death under either Arobynn’s or the Pirate Lord’s hands. But no, Celaena didn’t mind. For the slaves, she would not regret it.

All my heart went out to Sam when he decided to join Celaena in freeing those slaves. He is a man with a big heart even though he’s one of the best assassins in Adarlan. He’s really strong and lethal just as Celaena is, but he is caring and loving, not to mention really handsome. So you wouldn’t wonder why so many ladies would swoon over this fine young man.

They eventually succeed with their plan and freed the slaves but Arobynn had beaten them when they returned to the Keep. Sam’s punishment was making him see when Arobynn beat Celaena up, add to the fact that he, too, was beaten up. During those times, he was shouting “I’ll kill you” to Arobynn.

That was the sign that he’d switched loyalties from Arobynn to Celaena. He chose Celaena over Arobynn.

To cut the story short, Arobynn further punished them by sending Celaena off to the Red Desert and Sam didn’t get any missions the whole time he was at the Keep and got stuck with babysitting Lysandra, a courtesan.

LET’S TALK ABOUT LYSANDRA FIRST. I DON’T LIKE HER IN THIS BOOK. I loved her, I absolutely LOVED her in Queen of Shadows but I hated her in this one. I hate the way she tries to flirt with Sam. The whole time I was like GET YOUR HANDS OFF SAM. HE IS CELAENA’S.

Which brings me to the later realization that Sam Cortland is, in fact, in love with the infamous Celaena Sardothien. Apparently, for years now already. Ah, the perks of being in love with the country’s deadliest assassin and not have the guts to tell her straight away.

Honestly, I’m a Chaolaena shipper *waves to all my fellow shippers* and I will go down with that ship no matter what. However, that “no matter what” turns out to be Sam Cortland.

Reading Assassin’s Blade makes me want to ship them so hard- Celaena and Sam. I love them and they are so perfect with each other and when I read about the two of them together my heart breaks and rejoices at the same time. Their bickering, their lovey-dovey moments: ugh just perfect.

So fast forward to the time when Celaena and Sam are free from their debts from Arobynn and they have an apartment of their own. It was only more or less two weeks of spending time together when they ran short of money and they needed clients and missions to suffice them with their monetary needs (because assassin missions pay handsomely). So Sam went out and looked for a client and found one hiring to kill Adarlan’s Crime Lord, Ioan Jayne and his second in command, Rourke Farran.

Sam went to kill Farran alone because he didn’t want Celaena that much involved in the assassination. BUT SAM DIDN’T COME BACK. Celaena waited for hours and hours, and even as dawn came, she was still waiting, still having the hope that Sam will come back.

Any minute. He’ll come home any minute.

But then we discover than Farran killed him and I was like “NOOOOO!!!! MY POOR BABY SAM!!!!” I was in tears. It just kept coming from the moment Celaena waited for him.

But then there’ s a twist in the end that Arobynn and Farran WORKED TOGETHER. THEY PLANNED SAM’S ASSASSINATION TOGETHER. AND THAT ASSASSINATION, LET ME TELL YOU, IT. WAS. BRUTAL. From how Sarah J. Maas described Sam’s dead body, gods above. Also, that scene when Celaena lied down beside Sam’s corpse, my heart *and my tear ducts* couldn’t take it. I was crying so much and kept saying “i caaaaaan’t”, “this is not happening”, “sam’s not dead, he can’t be”.

There was one line from Arobynn that made my blood boil to the highest degrees. He said “I don’t like sharing my belongings.” He was jealous of Sam and Celaena’s relationship- jealous that now, Celaena picked Sam over him. HE WAS SO POSSESSIVE OF CELAENA AND I’M LIKE “GET A FREAKING LIFE AROBYNN LET SAM AND CELAENA ENJOY THEIR LIVES TOGETHER!!!”

But alas, I am not Sarah and as a passionate reader and fan of the series, I’ll trust her to put our characters in good hands – hopefully – so we won’t be tortured with any more explosive feels.

Lastly, let’s talk about that ending. Celaena being sent off to Endovier. So Endovier is dubbed as a “death camp” because of how cruel the slaves are treated there at the salt mines. What broke my heart even more, however, was what she said when she was being carried off: “I am Celaena Sardothien, and I would not be afraid.”

It was Sam’s way of cheering himself up when he felt scared, as he once shared with Celaena. And I’m so HAPPY that she keeps repeating this line in the rest of the books in the series because it’s in honor for Sam. I’m so touched when she says this, it’s just perfect and beautiful.

Well, Sam Cortland, we know who you are and we know you’re not afraid.

The novella was funny, heartbreaking, epic and action-packed. A DEFINITE MUST READ! I highly recommend it to all of you 🙂 When and if you have read the books, feel free to chat with me and share the feels!

Thanks for reading! I’ll have another post up next week. Stay tuned! xx


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