Howdy, ya’ll! I am so excited to finally having a wordpress! I have been interacting with a number of book bloggers now and most of them have suggested this site for me to try on and start my book blog. Now I can post my book reviews, book recommendations and all things bookish.

I’ll have to work extra hard to gather my wits together to give you reviews which won’t be hard to understand, considering how my mind can be frazzled easily as I spazz with books.

More than that, I’m excited to get to interact with other book bloggers like me 🙂

If there are things to know about me, it would be this: I love reading about books, I love talking about books with other people who also love books, I’m a college student so I’m trying to squeeze more reading time to the already hectic schedule I have. (Book problems, I know.)


I am open to reading any genre and open to all your comments and suggestions (so long as they are not offensive) and would love to get feedback from you.

This is my first time book blogging so I’ll try my hardest to write and review the best way I can. 🙂

Also (before I forget), 😅 my name is Maan (as in ma-an) and I’d love to talk books with you! ❤





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